Anti Aging Skin Care – 7 Tips On Looking

Anti Aging Skin Care – 7 Tips On Looking Younger

Do you want to look younger? Lets face it, nowadays, who doesn’t? Once it was just celebrities and those in the public eye who worried about looking older everyone else grew old gracefully! Now 40 is the new 30 and men as well as women care about their appearance, there is even a trend in society to discriminate against the older generation.

What can you do to stay looking younger? There is no Anti Aging Magic Potion that will clear your wrinkles overnight, but with discipline and a good Anti Aging Skin Care routine in place you will be on your way to looking younger for longer.

There are many drastic solutions available for anti aging skin care to help you look younger, from the traditional cosmetic face lift to injecting chemicals like Botox into the skin to provide a temporary wrinkle smoothing effect. Not everyone is willing, or financially able to go to these extremes. So what can you do on a day to day basis that will help you feel and look younger? By following the 7 steps below, you will be on your way to a more youthful appearance for longer. And remember it is never too late (or too early!) to start a good anti aging routine.

Seven tips on looking after your body and mind:

1. Drink plenty of water every day – most doctors recommend 7 to 10 glasses a day. Water flushes out toxins, keeping your body and skin clean. Also your skin will look clearer and plumper if it is not dry. Definitely the first step for “anti aging skin care” to look younger.

2. Eat a healthy balanced diet, include something from all the major food groups each day in your diet. Eat plenty of fibre and fresh fruit and vegetables. The UK government recommends five portions of fruit and vegetables are eaten daily, however this should be the minimum amount you eat. Fruit and vegetables contain many essential vitamins and minerals that help maintain and repair the skin and cells. Not only will your skin look younger but your body will age better and you will be less prone to many common diseases of old age. The prefect “anti aging skin care solution” Also avoid eating fatty and oily foods which increase your weight but do not give you anything nutritionally. Overweight people generally look and feel much older than they are.

3. Aim to lead a stress free, calm existence. If you are stressed the body releases chemicals which years ago would have helped you to deal with the problem with “fight” or “flight”. Since these are not a solution to most of life todays problems, the chemicals will stay in your body and cause you to become mentally or physically ill. Ensure that you sleep well and exercise regularly. Use whichever techniques help you to relax – taking a long warm bath, massage or aroma therapy are just a few to try. Remember, extreme stress will just cause your hair to go white and your face to look tired and lined. Enjoy life!

4. Regular exercise, taken at least 3 times a week and daily if possible, will work wonders in helping you look and feel younger. Ensure the exercise is vigorous enough to make you break out in a sweat and your skin will look younger as toxins are flushed out. Remember to contact your doctor before drastically changing your exercise regime.

5. Avoid UV radiation as it is the major cause of premature skin aging and wrinkles. Ensure you always have adequate sun protection for the climate and your skin type. Buy facial moisturisers which contain UV protection for daily use. Use of a good quality high factor sun cream should be part of your daily routine. A tan might look good for a while but you will age and wrinkle quickly and be more prone to skin diseases such as cancers.

6. Try to cut out nicotine and alcohol consumption. Smoking will age you as chemicals in the smoke are aging to the skin and will reverse your anti aging skin care process. Additionally, if you are forever squinting through smoke, crows lines around the eyes will appear all too quickly. Alcoholic drinks contain many toxins which are harmful to your health. Excessive drinking will mean your liver no longer copes with ridding your body of these toxins.

7. Look for skin care products which are anti aging (those containing the ingredients Vitamin C, retinol and ceramides are very good). Try different anti aging skin care products to see which works best for you and moisturise daily. Remember, if you feel good about yourself, you will look good.

Organic Baby Clothing is becoming a popular choice for new parents

Organic Baby Clothing

Baby’s have soft, and delicate skin. Wearing organic baby clothing makes it easier on an infant, since nonorganic clothing could cause rashes, or irritate the skin. Organic clothing is made from 100% cotton usually.

Most of the traditional clothes for infants at stores contain harmful dyes, pesticides, and other metals that will not come off after washing. Studies have been conducted, which showed that five of nine pesticides in baby clothes have shown to cause cancer. Chemicals such as cyanazine, naled, trifluralin, proparagite and dicofol are commonly used to make ordinary baby clothes.

According to researchers, most of the clothing made that is not organic is petroleum based. Even after you wash the clothes, the chemicals are there. Dyes are used in clothing, which has lead to side effects, including allergic reactions.

Organic baby clothing on the other hand is made from organic material. The materials used are made to prevent health problems and allergic reactions. Organic grown cotton is used to make organic baby attire. The cotton comes from farmers who do not use toxins in their water or soil to fertilize the cotton. Instead, people are involved from start to finish in the process of making the cotton.

Now you can buy pure cotton clothing for babies that contain 100% pure cotton. Each season a new line of eco-friendly clothing is made. Now you can purchase organic camisole tops for babies and even pink pants. The material is made of the highest quality cottons, which reduces risk for your child.

Today’s baby line of clothing includes the stylish attire. You can purchase bedding, clothing, and other items for your baby. Each item is made of the finest cotton that is certified. The fabrics make excellent choice of attire for your child. There are different styles of clothing to consider as well. Therefore, you do have choices.

Some of the choices include Egyptian cotton. In this line of organic baby clothing you will find cloth diapers, baby bodies, hats and booties, clothing, bibs, shoes, socks, and much more. Gift baskets are available at most stores in case you want to add some natural nursery, potty training items, natural toys, and more. Blankets and snuggle wool is available at most stores also.

Health and home care items are available as well. You can purchase organic skincare for your child. Alternatively, buy baby and body care items. Sun care, oral care, and other items are available at sites were organic baby clothing uk is sold.

Your baby means the world to you. So why not give him or her, the best by protecting the child from harmful chemicals found in normal baby clothing. Go organic instead.

Influential celebrity hairstyles

Throughout the annals of celebrity history there have been some hugely popular hairstyles that have spawned massive trends – if you remember the 90s well you’ll know that ‘The Rachel’ became one of the most popular celebrity haircuts for women. This style was inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s character Rachel in US sitcom ‘Friends’ and can even still be seen hanging around today.

Don’t think this trend of celebrity hairstyles died a death with the end of the 90s though – oh no, it’s still alive and kicking today and if you want to make sure your hair looks its best, you should look to the celebs to find your style.

So, here are some of the most recent celebrity hairstyle crazes of the year:

Robert Pattinson sporting a ‘stylish bedhead’



We’ll start this list off with one for the boys – Robert Pattinson’s throwback hairstyle seen in the Twilight saga of movies and when out on the red carpet is reminiscent of heartthrobs Elvis Presley and James Dean, as well as having something of the ‘rhino horn’ look about it. This style is easy to manage and suits many different male face shapes, so definitely give it a try, boys.


Wear your Bridal Tiaras with pride, girls

People really get into dressing up don’t they? All over the world people are dressing themselves or their children, in all sort of costumes. Often these costumes are topped off with crowns or tiaras. Parades like the Brazilian New Year festival in Rio De Janeiro will bring a smile to the most staid  Englishman; there are even costumes that give you a good belly  laugh or alternatively  just stare in amazement. What people decide to wear on their heads on these occasions often goes on and up and on again into trailing, peacock-feather type headdresses that make you wonder how they can even hold up their heads, let alone dance!

Other competitions like the American pageants have little girls as young as three putting on their make-up and twirling their baton for Daddy. Those kids do back flips and prance their stuff on stage in the hope (well, Mom and Dad’s hope) that they will be Miss America when they are old enough, They’re not all little girly girls either. Some of these cute little girls go hunting with their Mom or can’t wait to be big enough to join the girls’ soccer team. They certainly are tough but can still strut their stuff.

After that, when we see the brides in the UK putting on their bridal tiaras along with their purple dresses;  or stomping in knee high, black strapped boots, we can think – yes, that’s actually quite sane compared to some. The look-at-me, I’m-in-charge wedding outfit doesn’t shock quite as much because you can see by the squirming parents that they didn’t teach her these tricks; she’s not twirling her baton to anyone’s music but her own.  So we say – wear your Tiaras with pride girls – you be whatever you wanna be!

A Woman’s Guide to Removing Facial Hair

Many women experience unwanted facial hair and wish to have it removed. It can be due to genetics, age, medication or many women just want it removed for cosmetic reasons, like eyebrow hair. Women experience growth of unwanted facial hair during certain times of their life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Regardless, there is a large population of women who want a safe, long lasting, and effective way to remove facial hair.

One way to remove facial hair is through shaving. Although the old wives tale that this will cause the hair it grow back thicker and faster is not true, many woman feel this is too masculine a way to remove facial hair. Plus, it only eliminates the problem for a short amount of time and may irritate sensitive skin.

One of the most common ways for women to remove facial hair is by plucking. They are probably already familiar with this due to plucking their eyebrows with a process. If they see a darker hair on their lip or chin, it is easy enough to pluck out. Plucking the hair removes it longer than shaving, but is still not the permanent solution for which many women are looking. Waxing is similar to plucking, but it can be more painful and is more likely to irritate sensitive skin. The same is true for creams that remove hair plus many of them have a bad smell. There is a skin cream called Vaniqa that decreases facial hair growth, but it is also only temporary and requires a prescription from a doctor.

You can purchase epilators with tweezers at most beauty stores, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stated that that is no statistically significant data to prove that tweezer epilators provide permanent hair removal. It may for some, and not for others. One factor may be the coarseness of your hair.

If you are looking for a method to remove facial hair permanently, try electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process by which facial hair is removed using electrical currents. A trained professional, often referred to as an electrologist or electrolysist, must perform this procedure. They take a metal probe and insert it into an individual hair follicle. The electrical current is then delivered to the follicle, destroying it. One the procedure is complete; the hair is removed with sterile forceps. Each hair follicle must be treated individually. The discomfort of this process varies among clients. Some have reported feeling a slight pinprick and some have reported a more painful feeling. As with many medical procedures, there is a chance of scarring, although it is minimal if you are using a well-trained electrologist. But, immediately after a hair follicle is treated, there may be a small, red lesion, much like an insect bite for a short time.

While electrolysis will permanently remove the hair, it may not be instantaneous. You may have to have several electrolysis treatments to the same hair follicle before the hair is completely removed. This is because your hair cells grow in cycles and electrolysis only works if the hair is in its growth phase. Many electrologists charge by the amount of time it takes to remove the hair. Ten minutes runs about $18 and 30 minutes costs about $34.

Another form of permanent facial hair removal is laser treatments. This is a new technology, only being offered commercially since the mid 1990s. This may also be referred to as phototricholysis or photoepilation. Like electrolysis, this may require several treatments before the hair is removed permanently. The laser light also feels like a pinprick to most patients. However, the laser treatments will not work on blonde, red, or white hairs. It will however work on areas that electrolysis will not, such as the ears and nose. Laser hair treatments for the upper lip normally run about $50 per session as does the chin treatments. If you have facial hair on your cheeks, those treatments are a little more expensive – around $75 per treatment.

If you decide to do electrolysis or laser treatments for your unwanted facial hair, you should always talk to your doctor first about any pre-existing conditions you might have that would make you an unlikely candidate for these treatments.

There is no need to be ashamed of having your unwanted facial hair treated. Do some research on the Internet to find the best way for you to have the hair removed. There is no doubt it will make you feel better about yourself.

Beautiful Eyes

Eyes have been called the windows of the soul because of how much they communicate. Eyes give your face energy and individuality. They do not have to be a certain size or shape to be considered pretty – all eyes have their own unique beauty. When makeup is applied to look natural it will bring out the eyes true color and enhance the eyes beauty. When you feel good about your makeup you will be more confident and will have one less thing to worry about.

A subtle application of eyeliner, shadows and mascara work together to create magic and make your eyes look their best.

Eye Shadow

Eye shadow is meant to highlight and define the eyes. Eye shadow is used to create depth to bring out the beauty of the eyes. A dark color used on the lid will make the eye appear smaller, while a lighter color will make it appear larger. That is what eye shadow is about creating illusions. These are the basic techniques for the following eye shapes:

Small eyes: Dont use too much shadow or liner it will make you eyes look smaller. Apply a light color on eyelid, use a darker color in the crease and use a highlighter under the brow.

Large eyes: Wear darker shadow on the lid and extend it to the crease. Use a flat color under the brow to highlight.

Deep-set eyes: Use light colors on the eyelid and under the brow. Use a medium color in the crease. Emphasize the outer corners with shadow.

Wide-set eyes: Use darker colors on the inner corners of the eye.

Hooded eyes: Apply light colors on the lid. Use darker colors from the center of the eyelid to the outer corners and blend.

Round eyes: Make round eyes longer by using color all around and extending toward the outer corners.

Asian eyes: Apply highlighter under the brow. Use light shadow on the inner half of the lid and a darker color on the outer half.

1.Light colors cause the eyes to open, dark colors will cause the eyes to recede

2.If you have very light skin avoid dark shades

3.Be careful with shimmer they will bring attention to imperfections and wrinkles.

4.The eye area is the first to show age dont tug on the skin.


Eyeliners are meant to define the eyes so they should do just that, not be the focal point of your makeup. Eyeliners come in various colors and forms liquid, pencil etc. Keep the eyeliner natural. Pencils are available in many colors (for the best look stick to black or brown) and can be sharpened for a fine line. For a smudged effect use a sponge tip shadow applicator or an eye shadow brush. When your pencils are too soft refrigerate them. When they are too hard soften them by holding them between your fingers.

To line the eye, start on the lower lid, just beneath the lashes. When you are finished always smudge the line with your sponge. Stay as close to the lash line as possible. On the upper lid, draw a line form the inner corner to the outer corner, thickening the line toward the outer corner. After the age of 40 keep the line in between the lashes.

Mascara and the creation of beautiful lashes:

Mascara frames your eyes and can make your face come alive. Mascara softly accentuates the eye while thickening and darkening the lashes; it is the finishing touch for eyes. There are several different types to choose from, thickening, and waterproof to smudge proof. Waterproof will need a special remover and smudge proof will wash off easily. It is not a good idea to wear waterproof mascara for extended periods of time since it has a tendency to dry the lashes.

Select a shade of mascara that complements your coloring. Dark shades on pale eyes with brown lashes will darken them and will look harsh. Stay away from blues and other colors since they will ruin your look.

Lashes that are hard to curl may need the help of an eyelash curler. Curl your lashes before you apply mascara hold for ten to twenty seconds.

To apply mascara look straight into your mirror with your chin slightly lifted so you can see your lashes. Insert the wand only once and twist, dont pump. Pumping can break the brush bristles and distribute the mascara unevenly and will dry out the mascara faster. Start by rolling the wand from root to tip in an upward motion. Reinsert the brush and apply again. If your eyelashes are thick and long they may clunk together. If this happens let them dry and then separate them with the corner of an eyebrow brush

3 Steps To Having An Old Fashioned Christmas Holiday

There are many Christmas traditions that are gradually being lost in today’s high-tech, always-on-the-go world. But Christmas is the perfect time to slow things down and get back to basics to really enjoy the season. The following are three ways to have a traditional, old-fashioned Christmas.

1. Decorations

For many people, decorations are what make Christmas time special. The right decorations can set the mood for a traditional Christmas and let the whole family get involved in creating the Christmas spirit.

Start with an old-fashioned Christmas tree. Traditional decorations were all hand-made. Take a day early in December to get the whole family together to create the decorations such as stringed popcorn and chains made from colorful paper. Play Christmas music, serve eggnog and get everyone into the spirit.

Check your local thrift or antique shop for some old-fashioned decorations. Wax or blown-glass ornaments were commonplace in years past, and there are often some great examples to be found in thrift stores for next to nothing.

You can also look for antique tins with Christmas themes. These make great candy or fruit dishes.

2. Baking and Cooking

Baking and cooking come a close second to the Christmas tree for setting the mood for Christmas. Cookies, pies, and hot cider are all staples of an old-fashioned Christmas celebration.

The entire family can take part – even the non-bakers. They can help to decorate the sugar cookies or gingerbread men. Kids can help cut the cookie shapes before they’re baked.

3. Christmas Day

There are plenty of Christmas day traditions that can help create old-fashioned fun. Find someone to play Santa Claus and deliver the presents for everyone in the family.

Make the gift exchange time special. Don’t just tear into them en mass, give everyone a chance to open them separately. This gives everyone a better chance to show their appreciation, and people get to watch their reactions.

If you’re lucky enough to have a white Christmas, take some time out of the day to go sledding or have a snowball fight. Top it off by serving hot cider or hot chocolate.

These family traditions can be passed on from generation to generation, with each one adding their own extras.

A Modern Fairy Tale about Wedding Shoes – (Chapter 4) The Substitute

Helen had to play her cards right if she was not going to end up captive of the fairy folk for all of eternity. Having found out she had been tricked into this position by her fiancé’s mother and finding out that there was only one way out of this other than giving up her sweetheart, she started to prepare.

First of all she had to convince Brigid that she was unaware and uninterested in fairy stories and that she wanted them to be friends. This wasn’t too difficult as after the visit to old Mr O’Neill, Brigid immediately asked her if Helen had been told any stories about their family.

‘Oh yes,’ she replied,’ but he is terribly old isn’t he? He has a very strong accent as well,  if it doesn’t sound rude. I just haven’t got the ear for it yet.’

Brigid was obviously relieved at this and so they relaxed together into a pseudo mother-daughter relationship, but all the time Helen was trying to work out how she would get Brigid to repeat the words that would release her from the spell and make Brigid her substitute. Apparently it had to be said voluntarily.

Brigid was surprised when Helen suddenly said, ‘Oh I remembered one of the things that the old man said.’

‘Uncle Oren, do you mean?’ Brigid asked with a frown.

‘Yes, sorry.  He said something about fairies not releasing people from spells unless they repeated the curse in some way or the other. So the curse on your family…’

Brigid choked and coughed on the digestive she was eating.

‘…are you ok?’ Brigid nodded and wiped her eyes. Helen was returning her wedding shoes to their box. ‘Sean says there is supposed to be a curse of some sort on you all – which is stupid because you’re all rich and happy –and it has to be said out loud. Hmmm like…’ She was struggling to come up with how to do this but was very aware she was to be married tomorrow and didn’t want it to be to the fairy king. Brigid unknowingly helped her.

‘What, I remove the curse by saying…?’

Helen butted in ‘By becoming a substitute for the bride.’

‘By becoming a substitute for the bride?’ Brigid asked bemused.

‘Yes, by becoming a substitute for the bride.’

‘By becoming a substitute for the bride.’ She repeated thoughtfully

Helen could hardly breathe. She thought she detected a change in the air pressure and a faint, distant drum but decided it was her own heartbeat.

‘Right I’m going for a long soak in the bath’ she said and gathering up her things left a slightly less relaxed Brigid to her thoughts.

Outside, around the whole house, a wall of mist within which all sorts of shapes could be imagined, awaited the coming day.(follow the wedding shoes link to find the other chapters and continue reading)

Promoting Your Fashion Show

No one can take the value of good promotion too lightly. When promoting your fashion show, it is absolutely crucial that you get the information about your event out there in any way you can to get people talking and create a buzz around your night.

One of the most effective methods of promotion is to throw a launch party as this will give you the perfect opportunity to get people involved and get people talking. It can also act as a fundraiser if you are looking for those extra elusive pounds.

The first thing you should do is find a location. This can be anywhere that suits what kind of party you want to throw. You may want to keep it small, inviting only a few hand-picked guests or you could make it open to the public; whichever way is fine, but you should keep an eye on any limits you might have concerning budget.

When you have that sorted you should print up some invites for VIPs. Inviting a model, designer or other well-known name from the fashion industry will attract the media and help you generate that extra, much needed publicity. You should contact you local newspapers to let them know what’s happening and invite them along too – hopefully they’ll bring a camera!

Think about entertainment. You may just decide to hire a DJ for the night or maybe you want something more extravagant. Try to get hold of some of the designers you are going to exhibit and put up some pictures from their portfolios on the wall. They will also benefit from networking!

Another fantastic way to publicise your fashion show is to produce some merchandise to hand out on the night. This doesn’t have to be pricey – some promotional sweets with the your event’s name on would be an inexpensive and effectual way to go about it.

Cosmetic Procedures in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a land of soaring mountains, stunning lakes and beautiful beaches. Now you can personalize some of that beauty by getting cosmetic procedures in Costa Rica.

Cosmetic Procedures in Costa Rica

Cosmetic surgery has become a billion-dollar industry in the United States. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people choose to have some sort of cosmetic surgery performed on their bodies, and most of these procedures are not covered by health insurance. As a result, cosmetic surgery can become quite expensive, so some patients have decided to seek an alternative option to cosmetic surgery in the US. Combining a cosmetic procedure with a relaxing tropical vacation has become a new way of getting the cosmetic surgery you want done, and Costa Rica is a great spot.

Costa Rica cosmetic surgery is done quite frequently. In fact, according to one study, over 14.25 percent of visitors who come to Costa Rica get some sort of medical procedure done. These procedures are often cosmetic ones. The cosmetic surgeons that practice in Costa Rica, along with travel agents and other services, can help to set a patient up with an affordable surgery as well as excellent care afterwards in a vacation atmosphere.

One big question that most people have is whether getting Costa Rica cosmetic surgery is safe. While it’s important to research any doctor before consenting to surgery, Costa Rica does boast a number of highly qualified cosmetic surgeons available to perform your cosmetic procedures. The standard of medical care in Costa Rica is one of the highest in the world, and cosmetic surgeons here are considered to be some of the best available while still being less expensive than those in the United States. Doctors practicing in Costa Rica can come from prestigious medical schools in the US and England, as well as other countries.

Costa Rica also offers places like the Las Cumbres Inn, in San Jose, Costa Rica, which is a surgical retreat center staffed with medical personnel. This retreat allows patients to stay in comfort in a luxurious resort atmosphere, while receiving aftercare for their medical recovery. Tours and other amusements can be arranged while you stay at Las Cumbres, and the staff speaks several languages so that the language barrier is not an issue.

Choosing Costa Rica for your cosmetic surgery is affordable and convenient. You are able to obtain the procedures you require and the vacation you need, all while saving money over the cost of the same surgery in the US. While traveling to Costa Rica for surgery may not seem safe to some, by doing your research before heading to your destination, you can be sure to obtain all the necessary information to make the right decision about your surgery.